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Latest Flights: 11/26/2017 Buildings progress.

11/08/2017 Union County Fairgrounds – Buildings Start

10/11/2017 Union County Fairgrounds – New Concrete going in.

8/11/2017 Union County Fairgrounds Destruction before the Construction

Want an aerial photo of your home, farm or business, but when you are ready, not when the plane happens to fly by? We can schedule a date and time when the weather is right and your property looks as you want it. Then you get the picture that looks the way you want.

Drone photos can show unique before and after images of landscaping or remodeling projects.

With an aerial photo of a neighborhood you can show how a new building will fit in. You can even have your architect apply a 3D drawing right over the photo.

With our drone we can do a visual inspection of roofs, towers and fields. We can provide still shots or video of the inspection. You can even watch live on our linked TV and guide the pilot on what you are interested in seeing.

Aerial pictures and videos of real estate can make a dramatic addition to a sales presentation. Give yours that extra thing that will make the sale happen. Take a look at what we did for Dave and Kathy Rieck and their sale of 160 acres of pasture.

With a drone, we have to stay lower than an airplane can go. Thus we get closer and more detailed pictures and video. Plus we can maneuver more freely. And with you watching live, on our linked TV, you know right away that we get the shot or video that YOU want.

Videos are recorded in high definition 4K. They are edited down to 320p or occasionally 740p resolution to display smoothly on web sites. Still pictures are 4000×2250 9Megapixel. Again they can be edited down to an appropriate size for web presentation.

The FAA requires that any drone flown for business purposes (for hire, as part of the business…) even indirectly, is done by an FAA certified Remote Pilot. The FAA takes safety very seriously and the rules that we must fly a drone under reflect that.

I have both a Private Pilot and Remote Pilot certificates and am insured. I have been a photographer and videographer for over 40 years. I formed Iowa Skyview Photography in November of 2016 when I got my Pilot certificate so that I could provide my services using my done to the public.

All pictures link to a larger version, so click away.

Prints and Posters from the full 9Megapixel files are available. Stills can be captured from the videos as well. Give me a call or use the contact form to let me know what you are interested in and I’ll get back to you with pricing.

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Something I captured by being at the right place at the right time.


Sample of video subjects. Agriculture, Towers, Roofs, Artistic.


3 Mile Lake stills

Gazebo behind lodge at 3 Mile Lake
Gazebo behind lodge at 3 Mile Lake
3 Mile Lake Lodge
3 Mile Lake Lodge
Lake and Lodge at 3 Mile Lake
Lake and Lodge at 3 Mile Lake

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