2018-12-23 Historic Photo Re-creation

Mark Paxson posted the following picture to the Facebook group Creston Iowa Photos Old and New and made it the group cover. Guesses are that it is from around the 60s.

Uptown Creston From Elevator
Uptown Creston From Elevator

So… I just HAD TO try and re-create it as of today.

Re-create Historic Photo (I20514E2)

Taken from 150 feet up, close to the elevator. Might be a few feet too high, not panned quite enough to the North. Should be pretty much on line. Line up the water tower and the depot roof in both photos.

Even the railroad tracks show a lot of changes. Closer to the Depot. Fewer crossing Elm St.

Re-create Historic Photo (I20514E1)

I’m not really a fan of B&W. Why give up all the richness that color brings to life?

Re-create Historic Photo (I20513)

The full frame photo as captured.

Re-create Historic Photo (I20520)

The elevator deck at 150 feet up.

Re-create Historic Photo (I20524)

Backside of the Catholic School and their ReRun shop.

Re-create Historic Photo (I20525)

Casey’s General Store. First location in Creston?

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